Luca Migliore - New BIO page photo Luca likes to define himself as a real estate consultant for buyers and sellers. He has a global prospective, with special knowledge in finding interesting commercial and residential purchase opportunities for the most sophisticated clientele.

Over time, he has also developed a unique understanding for the needs of foreign buyers, assisting clients from both Europe and South America in locating investment opportunities in Miami.

His proficiency is in giving pricing advice based on a variety of factors that affect current market values, taxes, and utility costs, as well as local zoning changes that can affect clients’ decisions. Through a strong market analysis background, he provides his clientele with detailed information that is needed to have a clear picture of market trends, projections and realistic estimates of properties, whenever they want to sell or buy.

He also is a creative visionary recognizing hidden investment potential and discovering properties for sale that are rarely available.

Luca was born and raised in Rome, Italy and completed his studies in Milan obtaining a Master’s degree in Marketing at the prestigious Bocconi University. He graduated with honors and worked for renowned multinational corporations both in Milan and New York, thereby acquiring and achieving stellar business skills. His interest and passion for architecture and interior designing along with the desire to be a pioneer in the new evolution of Miami real estate and development led Luca to pursue his new career in South Florida.